Prevent Package Theft with Security Systems

Package deliveries are growing in popularity thanks to online shopping services, and with them, there has been an increased number of package thefts.

Nearly a third of online shoppers have reported stolen packages, and whether you are losing items at home, or in the workplace, it makes sense to invest in a security system from Newcastle security system specialists.

Here are some ways to prevent package theft.

Request Signatures and Delivery Alerts

If you want to improve package security in the easiest way possible, then you can ask your delivery service to provide these services.

Either request that the package is signed for before it is handed over, or have delivery notifications that alert you when the package is arriving.

Install a Video Doorbell

Modern technology means that we can do more with the humble doorbell than ever before. One of the latest security features is a video doorbell.

These are triggered by motion and can take clear photographs of the thief, as well as monitoring your doorway for these criminals.

On Guard Security can help you to choose a video doorbell that will be suitable for your needs.

Install lockboxes

If you regularly have packages delivered to your home or business, then it may be worth investing in a package lockbox.

This is similar to the American-style mailbox, being simply a large container that contains packages. The best lockbox style will have easy delivery but key access only for retrieval.

Choose Outdoor Security Systems

If you are worried about packages being stolen from your home or business, then we can help you to choose an outdoor security camera which will be clearly pointed towards the front door or package drop-off point.

These cameras can be the best way to deter would-be thieves from coming onto your property.

Show Your Home Security

If you already have a security system, then you can advise potential thieves by using signs and alerts.

You can get these system alerts from your security team, and they should help deter thieves away from your property.

Find Out More About Our Systems

If you decide that the best way to deter package thieves is to install a security system on your Newcastle property, then On Guard Security can help you to find the perfect system.

To ask us questions about our security, contact us online here or call 0409 656 398 and we will organise a consultation time to suit your schedule.